Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Nice idea to add to the site if we're going to be relying heavily on user feedback to drive content decisions and intra-site decisions. Posting on Church of the Customer blog about companies that post their user survey results.

The point is that it gives the companies more credibility by displaying both the good and the bad in terms of survey results. They're not just running a survey to feel good, or to solicit testimonials, they really care or they wouldn't dare post the results online -- too easy for someone to come along and see no progress on dealing with the issues revealed in the survey.

For my purposes on this blog -- trying to work through the issues of changing the AMA's Web site to go from an editor/journalism driven site to a more customer driven site. Telling people what we're doing and why will be a good way to build credibility. That is, ultimately, the only thing we're "selling" anyway.

New blog for me, they are now bookmarked. :)


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